Monday, November 06, 2006

Do you love someone?

If you do then you might have noticed that sometime youeagerly want to express how much you love them.Lets face it. Not everyone are poets.You want to say what is in your heart, but surprisingly youcan't express it in words.Don't worry about it. Here are some very lovely messagesfor expressing how much you love to someone special:


I love the spring mornings,
the afternoons in autumn,
the winter eveningsand the summer nights
…but you I love more sweet heart!


U want & u get,
that’s luck,
U want & u wait,
that’s time.
U want but u compromise,
that’s life.
And U
want & u
wait & u
don’t compromise that’s LOVE.


Everyone says you only fall in love once,
but that’s not true.
Every time I hear your voice
I fall in love all over again.


Hum woh nahi jo tum ko ghum main chhod de,
hum woh nahi joh tumse nata tod de,
hum woh hain ki agar teri saanseruk
jae to tuj se apni sanse joor de.



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